Valeton Pole Position - 4-vägs loopswitch
En loopswitch med 4st individuella loopar. Aktiveras med egen switch. Passar utmärkt för dig som...
Xvive U2 Wireless Guitar System
1. Transmitter plugs into the Guitar (you instruments), the receiver plugs into the effects...
1 399:-1 499:-
Valeton Dapper Bass
Dapper Bass is an all-in-one workhorse for bass players. This strip has everything you need, plus...
1 799:-
Valeton Loft CS-10 Compressor
LEVEL: Controls the output volume
Valeton Loft AD-10 Analog Delay
REPEAT RATE: Controls the delay time
Valeton Loft TW-10 Touch Wah
SENSE: Controls the sensitivity